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Do you Need an EV Charger in Banbury, Witney or a Location in the Oxford Area?

If you do, you could use us to reap a series of key end-user benefits and play a small but nonetheless important role in protecting the planet for tomorrow’s future generations. Here at Absolute Climate Solutions, we’ve increased our range of services to support the many environmental initiatives which surround electric car charging. We supply and install Zappi EV chargers from myenergi, anywhere in the Oxfordshire area.


Banbury and Oxford are important locations to our company, but we also cover smaller towns like Abingdon, Didcot and Witney. We choose the Zappi EV charger for its intelligent design and functionality, and for the fact that it allows for electric car charging using energy recycled from wind and the sun.


Below, we look at some of the other benefits an installation can bring to your home or business.




Homeowners benefit particularly well financially from having an EV charger installed. OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, offers an EVHS grant to incentivise UK electric car owners. The grant can cover as much as £350 of the overall installation cost so, in addition to saving money on petrol or diesel, you also save on the price of the charger itself.


You must meet specific criteria set by OLEV. Absolute Climate Solutions can help and advise you on EVHS grant applications.




Compared to rapid electric car charging points at a garage or service station in Banbury, Didcot, Oxford or Witney, using a charger at home will work out much cheaper. Take advantage of low energy tariffs and it will cost around £3.00 for a full overnight charge. Compare this to an average £6.50 charge for just 30 minutes at a garage, and the choice is simple.


The Zappi EV charger is even cheaper to run because it is one of the only models to accommodate recycled energy charging.




Having to find an EV charger takes time, and some parts of the UK are still picking up speed when it comes to installations. Did you know that only 3% of supermarkets currently have a charger available to customers? Even if there is somewhere local that allows for electric car charging, it doesn’t always mean it will be readily available or have fast-charging modes.


Instead of having to rely on public chargers, having a private installation makes owning an EV much more convenient.




Public electric car charging facilities tend to be slower than home or business installations. Have an EV charger fitted at any property in Banbury, Didcot, Oxford, Witney or Oxfordshire and you could be back on the road in as little as 60 minutes. Some public facilities allow for rapid charging, but these are rarer to find and usually cost much more for you to use.


Add in the time it takes to find a public facility with an available charging point and you could be talking hours saved.




These are just a few of the many benefits associated with an electric car charging installation from the knowledgeable team at Absolute Climate Solutions. There are many more, of course, and our decision to work with the Zappi EV charger increases that number further. We’re proud to work alongside myenergi as a trusted local installer for the entire Oxfordshire area.


Benefits associated with commercial installations include:


  • An immediate increase in business revenue
  • Growth in the size of your client base
  • Improved perception of your company brand
  • Greater customer and employee satisfaction


If your home or business could benefit from an EV charger, we invite you to contact us today for a prompt consultation.

For EV charger installations in Banbury, Didcot, Oxford and Witney, call 01993 778 653.

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