The Benefits of a Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Oxford

Absolute Climate Solutions Ltd takes pride in the delivery of air conditioning installations to suit the needs of its many business customers in Oxford. Our operational capacity includes the provision of commercial refrigeration services for major clients, from the retail sector to the field of medical storage. We also perform air conditioning servicing and air conditioning maintenance so that building management systems work to full capacity at all times.


On this page, we explain some of the major advantages an air conditioning installation can provide for commercial clients and businesses in the Oxford area. These benefits extend into our domestic air conditioning services, which are also available from the company.


Energy Efficiency


Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration technology continually moves forward. Building management systems, however big or small, produce energy efficiency at levels never seen before. We perform air conditioning installations to heat or cool buildings in Oxford, providing them with consistent, comfortable temperatures which minimise energy costs. This enables a reduction in utilities and lowers your company’s carbon footprint.


We live in times where businesses must make more positive contributions to environmental sustainability. A modern air conditioning installation is just one way to achieve this.


Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance


Our team undertakes air conditioning servicing and air conditioning maintenance work to keep building management systems in the Oxford area running to optimal capacity at all times. In turn, this improves internal air quality and benefits everybody, from office staff and customers to site visitors and contractors. Frequent air conditioning servicing and air conditioning maintenance shows up minor faults before they become big ones.


As anyone in business knows, catching a problem early on could save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds – a particularly vital benefit for smaller operations in Oxford.


Superior Commercial Refrigeration


Absolute Climate Solutions supplies clients in Oxford with commercial refrigeration installations such as cold rooms, freezers and walk-in chillers. We combine our experience with industry knowledge to provide a professional service. With full 24/7 coverage, our air conditioning installation experts perform commercial refrigeration installations, repairs and maintenance on an emergency basis or in a routine capacity based on your business needs.


Companies working in sensitive environments, particularly those that deal with food preparation and production, benefit the most from commercial refrigeration services.


Improvement in Productivity


An air conditioning installation improves the atmosphere in your workplace. Whatever the temperature or weather is doing outside of premises in Oxford, air conditioning keeps internal temperatures consistent. The right climate keeps your personnel comfortable and alert while they go about their work, and ultimately makes them more productive.


Humidity outside may be taking its toll on builders, gardeners and other outdoor workers but, with one of our building management systems, you should see a noticeable increase in production and morale – and even a significant upturn in business profitability.


To keep your teams productive, we recommend a scheduled air conditioning servicing and maintenance program so that units always work to optimal operational performance.




Our company electrician has earned the Level 3 Award in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (City & Guilds 2919-01). You can now use Absolute Climate Solutions for the installation of Zappi EV chargers from myenergi, anywhere in Witney or locations across the surrounding Oxfordshire area.


Our electrician also has a full complement of supporting credentials in electrical inspection and testing. Save time and money by bringing your electric car charging needs in-house.

Call 01993 778653 to discuss air conditioning or commercial refrigeration installations in the Oxford area with Absolute Climate Solutions Ltd.

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